Spiritual Response Therapy

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back in this life!

Could it be a fear of success?

A fear of water? Heights?

Are you allergic to cats? Dogs? Wheat?

Do you always enter into the same kind of relationship even though you promise yourself you won't do it again?

Do crowds bother you?

Have you ever wondered why you dislike someone right from the first meeting?

Ever wonder why you don't really trust your spouse? They have done nothing to deserve it?

The answer to these and countless other questions can be found by looking at your akashic or soul records.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) goes into your akashic records or that great big computer bank of your former lives and looks for energies stored there.

So for example if...
You had energies of subservience you would have a hard time advancing at work.
Being killed by a Mountain cat in past lives would result in you having a fear of cats.
If your husband (wife) had poisoned you and buried you when you were still alive you might have SAD (winter depression) and may have a hard time trusting. (After all, they did it once maybe they will do it again.)
By removing these energies, your life will change.

not reacting to cats anymore;
having a child go from C's and D's in school to A's and B's;
clearing the energies which created the cancer so it does not reoccur.
having a healthy relationship based on mutual trust and respect.
So much is possible when the energies in the akashic records change.

People ask me:

"How will this change my life?"

The answer is within you. Each and every person is different. The most common dominator experienced is one of inner peace.

I have seen numerous changes in people including everything from seeing a man who had suffered a devastating stroke, and restricted to a hospital bed go home to seeing a failing child receive rewards for academic excellence.

Some people notice immediate changes, while others take a year or more for the Universe to completely change their life. (new career, new boyfriend and new look).

"How do I experience a session?"

That's easy!
Just email me with the issues that you would like addressed. We are all one Consciousness and so distance workis possible. It is the same as if you were in my office.
I will email you the cost of the session prior to beginning.
If you want to proceed, just use the paypal link below.
Within 3 days of receiving payment, I will email the results back to you.
It's that easy.

"What does a session entail?"

Within a one to two hour session, a report is produced which details your past lives and issues and describes how it currently impacts your life. Issues such as relationships, prosperity and self esteem are reviewed. Extra time and attention is given to areas of concern mentioned in your e-mail.

"How much does a session cost?"

Fees are $75 per hour and the length of session depends on the individual. Some souls want a lot of detail whereas some don't want any. A session will never be longer than 2 hours and is often less than 1 hour.

"Can I work on my husband without him knowing?"

Yes, it is possible to work on your children, spouse, boss, neighbour, etc. and you don't need to tell them. I will ask the soul's permission to work with them. Very seldom does the soul refuse, as the soul knows this is for the individual's highest good.

If you should have any other questions, please email me and I will be happy to respond.

Love and blessings,


Hi I'm Victoria Stefano! I traveled all over the world, and I often miss the strap of my backpack and embark on an undefined adventure. But my favorite place is at home. So, I write about everyday life. About the moments that make our life worth living. I wish you to experience the peace, freedom and blessing that lurks in the small corners of your daily life.

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