Make Home Better: Types of Fashionable Hanging Door Beads

August 06, 2017

The greatest popularity of hanging door beads took place in the 60's and 70' but even nowadays many people prefer having them in their homes. These are something between doors and curtains, nevertheless these beautiful decorations are able to make your house more attractive. According to the Chinese belief, Feng Shui, using a hanging door beads attracts positive energy into the room.

However, beaded doors do not only have a marvelous look, but they are also very functional. Thus, for example, they offer numerous contemporary homeowners a modern possibility of separating rooms that will help you to make your home larger. Secondly, hanging door beads replace the door we are used to. If you have an open storage area you can hide it with the help of this door as well. And finally, you can make your room more private with these wonderful beads.

Some people prefer to use hanging door beads in the role of display as well as an accessory for a room to make it look more homey or classy.

Designs and Types of Hanging Door Beads

This type of doors can be manufactured from a number of materials, including bamboo, wood, and acrylic. These are the most popular materials for making these doors, but there are many other options for you to choose from.

The designs of hanging door beads vary from the simplest to more complicated ones. The most popular styles of these doors include iconic stars, animal designs, and various sorts of sceneries which can be printed on every bead. As a result, a very beautiful picture can be created.

Another advantage of this kind of doors is their cost. As they are rather cheap in comparison with traditional doors, they can be afforded by every homeowner. Besides, if you wish you can create a unique customized design to your taste and preferences. Prices for these doors range from $15 to $30 depending on materials from which they are made, design and style.

It's important to mention that these hanging door beads can be transformed to a door bead curtain. The latter can be hung around your windows or to the wall for a special effect. Choose the beads which maximally match the theme of your house. Thus, if your house is designed in the retro style, you can purchase door beads with the colors of the same style to harmonize with the design and style of your house. If you like sceneries, you can select the beads with various views on them.

Some people choose only natural materials which can be easily recycled. They are offered bamboo door beads that are eco-friendly and extremely cheap. These doors are ideal for cottages made of nipa or wood, as well as houses built on the tree or any other eco-friendly house. With these beads your house will have a feel of the east. Get an exotic look for little money.

The modern market offers door beads for children's rooms as well. Your child will undoubtedly enjoy having such and accessory in his or her room. Besides, you will be able to check what your child is doing in the room through such a door. Some parents can avoid many conflicts because of forcing their children to open their rooms from the inside. Besides, the room won't be occasionally locked. You will be calmer with such a door in your children's room.

Hanging door beads are very beneficial to use as you won't need to spend much money to get a house of your dream. These products are eco-friendly and are represented in numerous designs and styles to any taste.

Posted by Roger Windsor